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Boerenwijsheid (Peasant wisdom)

‘Boerenwijsheid! (bestaat die nog? )’


ENG: Peasant wisdom (does it still exist?)

This practical book was written by René Jochems and excites everyone who works with plants and animals (either commerical or not), to invite nature (back) in daily work. 


The book provides a critical view on our current way of working, but also gives a closer look at other considerations. What causes diseases and plagues to emerge, and what do they tell us? What is natural? What is handy or particulary unhandy to do in your business system? Everything interacts with each other, but how is this expressed in the daily practice?

The book invites everyone, that love to associate with nature, to develop your own vision. The book is a combination of quirky visions, references, creativity, technical solutions, and considerations that contribute to the consciousness with which we interact with plants and animals on a daily basis.



Boerenwijsheid! (bestaat die nog?)
Author: René Jochems |
(ISBN: 978-90-818199-0-9)

106 pag. fullcolour, tied. Retail price €27,-

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