Groei en Balans voor uw gewas en bedrijf


Mission statement

Growth and Balance for your crop and company.

Growth Balance is there for the green sector, but also for agriculture and horticulture. We focus our services on professionals. Think of nurseries, perennials growers, gardeners, landscapers, country estates, businesses in foliage/cut flowers, and garden centres. Horticulture companies and farmers who want to switch to a more natural way of working have contacted us for guidance and research increasingly over the recent years.

We advise and carry out investigations in the broadest sense of the word. Hence, the composition of our name; Growth and Balance for your business. You cannot have one without the other. In addition to our permanent staff (René, René, Wim, Ton, Nico and Daan), we use a network of freelancers which you can find under the menu item; partners.

Growth Balance is a company dedicated to giving independent advice, training, and conducting independent research for agricultural enterprises that operate progressively and seek for the most natural realization of their production. The centremost of our focus is the vegetable sector.

Everyone who works at Growth Balance brings their own specialties. However, each of them must be reflected within the following objective: He or she should be able to flourish, develop further, and share their knowledge with others. There is respect for each other and everyone is able to be him- or herself.

Growth Balance works from natural principles, as much as possible. Nature is the teacher and inspiration behind the work that we perform. Idealism is linked to realism here.

Growth Balance wants to contribute to a better world, for its customers and people in general. We try to achieve this by co-developing healthy and natural production methods and supporting these methods by executing our knowledge at clients. Improving the well-being of people and nature are highly valued within our enterprise.

Growth Balance advocates a holistic approach of production methods. Integrating common, biological and energetic production methods is part of our mission.

Growth balance strives for objectivity and there is no thought in terms of right or wrong. It is carefully considered whether our staff and the customer can do something for each other. The starting point is to help the customer and to make progress together.  

Growth Balance works with a well-organized structure. There is constant internal consultation and exchange of knowledge.