Groei en Balans voor uw gewas en bedrijf





This system is the sign of the circulair thought (holistic approach): Growth and Balance for your crop and company. Companies that work with this method produce products that are resilient and biological. Nature is used in a convenient way and you work actively on natural production. The 4 parts of the system show what is done actively:


Stands for the course; soil biology.


Stands for the systematic implementation of the necessary preparations, such as soil samples and technical adaptations.


Stands for soil treatment and preparation of substrates, which need to be added to strengthen the cultivation.


Stands for cultivation work, organic support, and adaptations of common maintenance techniques to a support of the vitality of the plants growth. These include plant sap analyses, spraying of compost tea, leaf power supplies, bacteria preparations etc.

Everything in the growth-strength-system serves of the internal and physical quality of the plants. This gives customers the best possible cultivated plant because the plant vitality is stressed.

Download here the way we work "GrowthStrengthSystem" in PDF format.