Groei en Balans voor uw gewas en bedrijf



A bio-ditch is a simple way to improve the water quality at nurseries and to suit the cultivation of your crops. In these ditches aeration, movement/current, sunlight, plant growth, and water fauna are being used. This all happens in the form of a ditch that is divided into different compartments. All the water that needs to be cleansed flows through these compartments. The final goals is to gain clean, living surface water. 

Trough the growth of plants, the escess of nitrate and phosphate is withdrawn. Trough aeration the hardness of the water decreases and aerobical bio-life is stiumalted. The sunlight on the water stairs warms the water up and oppresses the organisms that are not UV-resistant, such as pathogens. Snails break down the algae's and convert them. Trough the use of predatory fish, the population of insects under water is controlled. Everything together provides a natural and balanced system that cleans water. Through biological activation of, for example, the bacterial life a natural disease repression and natural cleaning effect arises. 


This is the only system that assumes upgrading rather than disinfection. The system therefore fits a constructive philosophy. The capacity of this system is huge. A simple ditch can carry 2400m3 per week. Another positive effect is that the ditch is quite easy and cheap to install, and can be built into a lot of existing water storage systems.