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A quick and accurate analysis on the actual absorption of nutrients by your plants is carried out. This provides you important information about the health of the plant. An optimal absorption of nutrients has a positive effect on the disease resistance of the plants and also on the quality, strength, and the tenability of the plants. Thereby, your crops are less vulnerable to fungals diseases, plagues, and insects. 


Besides de pH, Brix, and EC, 21 other parameters are also analysed the plant sap analysis. Including many main and dietary elements. 


With the plant sap analysis you will be albe to see whether the nutrients that you add are actually absorbed by the plants. This insight is accomplished in an easy, fast, and cheap manner. 


Besides that, plant sap measurements can be useful when you notice defects in your crops but do not know exactly which mineral causes that defect.


For more information, please contact René van Gastel: 

Voorbeeld plantsapmeting